Hana Boukhris is a young Tunisian composer and Kanun player with over thirteen years of experience in the music industry. Hana grew up in a household that fostered love for music with both parents being music professors. She started exploring this world from a very young age and has been enchanted ever since. 

In 2012, she received the Arab Music Diploma. Later on, she moved to the UAE and graduated with distinction from Bait AL Oud (Arab Oud House) in 2016. Thirsty for more knowledge, Hana pursued masterclasses with the famous Kanun player Göksel Baktagir, attending private classes in Tunisia, Turkey and Algeria during the year 2017.

Excelling at being a professional player and performer, Boukhris was able to participate in several concerts around the world including Tunisia, Germany, Morocco, Algeria, UAE, Lebanon and Egypt. Her unique talent was rewarded by receiving numerous awards including the Grand Prize at Abu Dhabi International Music Competition, First prize at the International Peace Festival in the Arab Gulf Countries, First prize winner at Arab Music Festival and Conference in Cairo without forgetting her remarkable participation as a Semi Finalist in Arabs Got Talent in 2011.

In 2019, after completing her degree and performing on many stages around the world, Hana started teaching rising and passionate young talented artists at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Tunis, Tunisia. She also coached a number of kanun players over the days of the Mediterranean Forum for kanun instrument at Hammamet, Tunisia and over the days of Meknes International Festival of kanun instrument in Meknes, Morocco. She is currently giving online classes aiming to promote her instrument, help aspiring artists to foster passion and enthusiasm for music and make it accessible to learn and practice one’s passion.

As her professional career expanded over the years as a performer and teacher, the ambitious musician started exploring composing her original work and will be releasing her first album soon.

With her Online Kanun Classes and her album on the way, Hana is working on very exciting projects where she incorporates different forms of expression influenced by different styles that reflect her identity as a musician.